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You imagine, we perform, deliver, display... and create a strong impression. It is yours only to provide us with a socket. Everything else is our concern. We have great experience and knowledge, but our nuclear core is made of unlimited imagination and creativity. We promise miracles because we create them without problems.


What We Do.

When it comes to applying right solution, we do not jump right to solution design, assuming we know what customers need, and then ship the finished product as soon as possible. We are looking out what problems we can solve for the customer before designing the solution and get early feedback on new product concepts from customers by showing them initial prototypes.
We craft stunning digital experience.

3D HoloDisplay

The 3D HoloDisplay is literally a new dimension of displaying objects - a hologram projection that provides unlimited possibilities for 3D modeling. An innovative advanced technical solution that finally brings long-desired promotion opportunities. Are holograms the future of marketing? No, not at all. Holograms are the present. Because what else can attract the audience's attention so strongly than one more dimension? Realizing that the 3D HoloDisplay is the most interesting for marketing experts, we concluded that this is probably the only audience for which the known rules do not apply. Neither can they be attracted by superlatives, nor can they be interested in advertisements. The only thing that could pull the trigger is the product itself. The moment they discover what possibilities it offers, they will find a thousand and one new ways in which they can apply it in order to provide their promotions with an even better reach and result. Today, it's important to stand out from the crowd and stand out, and that's difficult if you don't have something new, completely different. There is no one who has not wanted to display their product in space, make it almost tangible, reachable, desirable... give it the possibility to "jump out of the box". 3D HoloDisplay arms creative communication innovators with effects that cannot go unnoticed.

Phonosorber & Soundmasking

Phonosorber is sound passive absorbing panel with nature in mind.
It improves the clarity and understanding of speech, making it easier to communicate in a noisy environment. It reduces the amount of noise that escapes from a room, reducing noise pollution in surrounding areas. In performance spaces and recording studios, sound quality is critical. Phonosorber can help create a more controlled and consistent sound environment.

Sound/conversation masking is an audio process of adding background sound to an existing one with the aim of reducing the impact of noise in the work space, ensuring the protection of the privacy of the conversation and increasing the quality of the stay in the space. Adding background sound to an existing one reduces the intelligibility of the primary sound or speech. In this way, since the primary sound or speech is unintelligible, the speech itself becomes uninteresting to listen to, and the human ear stops actively listening to it. The moment the speech becomes unintelligible, it becomes less interesting and disturbing - in fact, it is not "heard" at all. The masking sound is ambient in nature, such as the sound of air flow (e.g. fan or air conditioner) matched to the frequency of the sound or speech that we want to keep private.

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Chosen projects

INA velesajam

3D HoloDisplay Wall 5x1

INA Christmas Party 2022.

Telemach Ljubljana

3D HoloDisplay Wall 4x4

Telemach Slovenija 5G lounch.

Kutjevo Lauba

3D HoloDisplay

Kutjevo Wine Promotion, Lauba.

Konzum Spoon

3D HoloDisplay Wall 4x4

Konzum Christmas Party 2020.

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The best part about my experience with MONERE DIGITAL is that they always went above and beyond to make sure my needs were met. They were very responsive to any questions I had and they always made sure that I was happy with their solution.

Tomislav Makar CTO, A1 Hrvatska

Nova infrastruktura nalazi se u Coworking prostoru Inkubatora kreativnih industrija na adresi Trg dr. Žarka Dolinara 18 pa je tako Enter Koprivnica postao mjesto gdje se može vidjeti 3D Holodisplay iz tvrtke . On predstavlja visokotehnološko rješenje za prikazivanje, stvaranje i upravljanje 3D video sadržajem s holografski efektom. Kombinacija je visokotehnološke jedinice za projiciranje sadržaja i platforme za upravljanje istim koja omogućuje daljinsko upravljanje svim uređajima s jednog mjesta i prijenos sadržaja bežičnim putem.

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